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Sewer & Drain Repair

Repeated blockages and unexplained foul smells can both be indicators of a severe underlying sewer or drain problem such as a structural defect or even a collapsed sewer or drain pipe.

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State-of-the-art solutions to drainage repair

TDS Sewer Renovation & Relining Division is fully equipped with the most up-to-date sewer renovation equipment and methods to ensure that any problem is dealt with speedily and effectively by our experienced engineers. This means that we are able to work on larger projects and provide complete solutions from one source, with minimum cost, inconvenience, or disruption for our customers. TDS uses the very latest, state-of-the-art equipment for customers for a complete ‘no dig’ solution in many cases. TDS dedicated Sewer Renovation units include complete crew quarters ensuring minimum impact on your business and operations.

Drainage solutions no matter what the problem is.

Our sewer renovation services include:

  • Full CCTV survey and report
  • Localised patch repair
  • Complete relining of sewers
  • Pipe re-rounding
  • HydroCut System for circular and egg-shaped pipes
  • All types of pipe material can be considered for renovation
  • All renovation and reline works are covered by our 10-25 Year Guarantee dependant upon type of lining

Localised patch repair service

Typically used in areas where traditional excavation is difficult or with awkward access, localised patch repairs are a fast, cost efficient method of rehabilitating blistered pitch fibre or crushed pipework in diameters of 100 to 450 and to a length of usually 1 metre. Remedial work can include re-forming the pipe if necessary and then installing the patch liner.

The patching process

Patching of pipework takes place following an initial CCTV camera survey that will have revealed a damaged area.

Once the problem has been identified the pipe can be repaired by patching the damaged area or areas. Patching provides a highly efficient and cost-effective solution for most pipework damage. TDS-UK do provide a full relining service for pipework that is badly damaged or where numerous patches would be required.

  1. The patching process begins with the pipework being high pressure water jetted to clean out any debris, silt, tree roots etc. The camera is sent through again to ascertain the size of patch required and to mark the exact location of the damaged area.
  2. Following the jetting and camera work, the patch is cut to size and the resin is painted onto the fibreglass patching material. At this stage the air bag that will inflate to hold the patch in place is also being prepared.
  3. The impregnated patch is then wound onto the air bag and inserted through the damaged pipe to the previously marked-out location that the camera had identified. Once the patch is in place it is inflated via the air bag to take on the shape of the existing pipe. The patch is then left to cure.
  4. Curing time varies according to temperature but ambient curing normally takes approx. 1 hour to harden.
  5. The air bag is then deflated and pulled back through the pipe, leaving a solid and hardwearing repair in place.
  6. The camera is run through again to check that there are no problems and a copy of the video can be supplied if required.

The patch is cut to size and the resin is painted onto the fibreglass patching material

Lateral repair ‘Top Hat’ service

Repairing faulty or damaged pipes within a sewer system is not always straightforward. Cracks, which may be caused by weather, traffic or tree roots for example, can appear and soil and debris can enter the pipe causing voids to form around joints.

TDS-UK’s ‘Top Hat’ lateral repair system is designed to repair damaged drainage connections and to prevent potential root growth around the faulty connection. The ‘Top Hat’ system repairs defective internal junctions and connections that would otherwise involve costly and disruptive excavations.

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